Title: Superheroes
Artist: The Script
Played: 50 times


New single by The Script

Superheroes from new album No Sound Without Silence

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Title: Winter Winds
Artist: Mumford and Sons
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And my head told my heart,

Let love grow.

But my heart told my head,

This time no.

This time no.

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I do not believe in replacing your favorite cancelled show. I believe in marathoning, excessive quoting, and occasionally crying.

Chicago Fire Stills ☆
Chicago Fire Stills 
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brb making bad choices

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"It is said that this is a man’s world, and sometimes, it is. For every casket girl that was saved, countless others were not. But women are more resilient than given credit for. And some women, well, let’s just say their oppressors had better watch out. I, too, am resilient, and I’m tired of being oppressed."

I’m a Harvey fan. I’m a Donna fan.
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I don’t have a choice but I’d still choose you

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